Talent Factory is delighted to have associated with some of the prominent celebrity models. Having started our journey by conducting fashion shows back in 2003, Talent Factory has gained a reputation of its own and is counted as one of the best modeling agency in India; having launched and run India showcase week, India Bridal Week, India Ethnic Week and La finesse successfully, the journey throughout has been immensely rewarding. Also Talent Factory is currently the official partner of Femina Miss India, Miss Diva and Mr. India.

With each and every stepping stone we grew as a company to provide better services to our clients and linking ourselves to some of the prominent faces in whatever way we can. Being the best modeling agency in India we have various famous celebrity models linked with us. Mansi Moghe, Sushruthi Krishna, Srishti Rana, Khushboo Kankan, Daman Brar, Surbhi Pandit, Akanksha choudhry, Kamya Ahlawat, Vanshika Saxena and Saumya Bhandari are some of the celebrated faces that we are associated to.

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